Is there a way of seeing what features are being worked on?

Thanks Luke.
Is there a way of seeing what features are being worked on? An idea of that would be helpful if it’s not just the requests with the most votes.

EDIT: This has been split from a feature request thread as it’s a more general discussion and not related to the specific feature in that thread.

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I’m sorry, there isn’t currently. And it’s not just the requests with the most votes, although the votes are the single biggest indicator you can give us that something is important to you.

I do appreciate that this would be useful, and we may look to start doing this (again) in the future, but it’s not really something we intend to do in the short term; I’m sorry.

Why? We don’t typically plan a long time in advance. This keeps us agile and ensures we can respond to change quickly. But this also means that we are not in a position to share timeframes on most feature requests. We did, in fact, used to try to do this, but we found doing so was very time-consuming and curbed our agility too much, so we stopped sharing so much about what was happening next.

This might change one day, but we’re not in a position at the moment to start sharing this sort of information again. I understand where you are coming from and why you’d like to know this, so we will keep this in mind. And you’re certainly not the first person to ask us to start sharing information like this again!

Sorry that’s not the answer you wanted, but I hope it explains why I don’t have the answer you hoped for! Cheers.

Thanks Luke, I appreciate that you don’t want to give running timeframes of when fixes will be completed, but just an indication of what fixes you are working on would be good. You must have a clear picture of what projects are being worked on, so something like that would be great.
At the moment announcements come out of the blue, or small improvements are not even announced, so an idea of what improvements are in the pipeline would help manage expectations. It wouldn’t need to be exhaustive, we wouldn’t want to curb your agility, but it would be great if you could share with us what improvements are being worked on.


Thanks. I totally understand. I’ve added this to the next team meeting agenda to discuss and see if we can come up with something that works :+1:

I’ve also split this into its own thread from the original feature request thread.