Is it possible set up notifications when inventory is low?

Issue Currently, it’s a manual process to go to the Inventory page, and filter on low inventory

Solution Would be great to have a notification (Push, Text, Email) that notifies the Production Manager when inventory is low, so we can re-stock.

Thanks for the suggestion. This isn’t possible right now, but work on this feature was in fact started last week so it should be very soon. Initially, this will just be an email notification, but if needed, we can look to expand this to other methods such as Push and Text, in the future.

We’ll let you know here when this is ready to use :grin:

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Thanks Luke! Looking forward to it, and appreciate the quick response.

Great news, this is now live and ready for use (for email alerts). Our launch post can be found at:

We hope this helps stay on top of everything.

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Thank you Luke! Great news.

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