Inventory receipt / Purchase Order price amendments to update supplier prices for future orders

If we amend prices on an inventory receipt or PO (after receiving an invoice with revised pricing in it for example) these don’t automatically update the inventory page for that items with the new supplier prices.

Therefore you end up having to go into the inventory page and amend the prices separately

Or do what I do and keep forgetting, and therefore every PO you raise you have to keep amending the inventory receipt prices every time you get an invoice.

It would be neat if any changes you did to the PO/Inventory receipt prices auto synced to the inventory item so it was there next time you ordered it.

Similarly if you raise a PO for an item with a supplier who isn’t current setup as a supplier for that item it would be nice if the supplier was then added into the list of suppliers for that item with he correct pricing etc.


Agreed, or at least if the IR landed price is different from the supplier price have a pop-up/prompt that asks if you want to update the supplier price. Same with a new supplier, have an option to create a new supplier.

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