Inventory receipt checklists (goods in checks)

It’s possible in Breww to create a checklist that should be completed before an inventory receipt can be confirmed as received and its stock added to Breww. This feature is ideal for both your own internal records, as well as for passing industry standard audits (such as SALSA in the UK).

These are a very simple list of things to check with a quick “yes” to each one and the option to enter a note.

To set up your own checklist, navigate to Stock itemsTools & optionsManage inventory receipt checklist.

From here, you can add checks to be made. You can drag and drop checks to show in the order that’s best for you and edit/delete them too, if needed.

Once you have created some checks, these will all become required on all future inventory receipts before they can be marked as “Added to stock”. Breww will enforce that this is done.

The first time that you load the checklist for any given inventory receipt, a snapshot of the checks required at this time will be taken and recorded against the inventory receipt. This ensures that as you evolve your checklist points over time, historical inventory receipts will show the checks that applied to them at the time.

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Hi, this is a great idea, just a thought is something like this avaliable for Deliveries also.
So that there is a checklist - nothing in draft, items allocated, have pump clips for beers etc before the van is dispatched.

Hi Martin, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! Currently, there is not a checklist similar to this that can be used on deliveries; however, you can use the delivery manifest/pick list function as an order checklist. It sounds like you are referring to an internal deliveries ‘procedure’ checklist here to ensure the deliveries are processed correctly. I can see how this would be useful, so if you could raise this as a feature request, that would be fantastic. If you haven’t raised a feature request before then I recommend having a read of our Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww help article, which should guide you through how feature requests work in Breww. Cheers!

Have added a request. Thanks