Internal QR Codes for CIP (cleaning records), fermentation reading entry, etc

I’ve been looking at the QR Landing pages function, and was wondering if there was scope to expand this for internal use within the brewery?

I’m thinking ideas like sticking a QR Code on a Canning Machine or FV that allows direct access to the breww cleaning record that needs completing/ease of access to the SOP/instructions. Any situation that makes it easier for workers to access SOP & complete documentation within breww really.

Thanks for the suggestion here Steve!

I can definitely see how this would be handy, I will make sure to update you if there are any developments on this. In the meantime, it may be worth checking out some of the QR code generators online to point to the item’s cleaning and maintenance process. I have included one below for reference.

Please vote for the feature using the button above if anyone else would find this useful.

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And see here: Deeplink to cleaning records (and others) - Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community where this kind of thing is shown to be useful for accessing batch readings, etc.

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