Improvements to Planned packaging and delayed racking release stock control

A great addition would to resolve the following limitation:

We currently have 100 cases of a beer in stock. We have a planned packaging scheduled next week for 400 cases of the same product. We have an order in for the week after that for 300 cases of the same product. This causes the product to show as being oversold by 200 cases NOW, and won’t let us add any to orders this week (or any time before the planned packaging next week), despite the fact the current availability is in fact 100 cases, as the order for 300 cases isn’t scheduled until after the planned packaging run of 400 cases.

Please let us know if this tweak would be helpful to you by using the vote button above.


We’re in a similar situation with some pending release - conditioning casks. We move some to our off site storage or presell some (ideally) but currently can’t do that with how Breww is set up. Definitely a useful feature if it can be worked in.

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Hi Matt,
This would be very useful to us as we find ourselves adding orders and removing them to prioritise sooner deliveries which is not ideal!

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Yes please to this. We end up putting orders into spreadsheets and calendars to workaround this and we want everything to be in Breww :slightly_smiling_face:

As it works currently, an order placed that’s intended for a future batch (after the next planned packaging) will cause the current batch to go out of stock. If it’s for cans, our web shop then goes out of stock which obviously impacts revenue.

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