Improvements to Planned packaging and delayed racking release stock control (allow overselling if stock will be available in time)

I think this suggestion is best placed here.

Perhaps Planned Packaging could be slightly ‘smarter’?..

For example, I know that I’m going to plan to rack a cask beer 1 week after it was brewed, and then plan to release it a further week after that…

Currently, if for some reason we have to change the brew schedule, and move the brewing day of a cask ale, I then have to edit the planned racking day and planned release day manually.

BREWW could be able to have a setting that would do this automatically?

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@Langers I think this FR is relevant


I agree with Jon - the thread he’s linked to is the one you need to vote for, @Langers. This thread is something different (although both do relate to planned packagings). Cheers :+1: