How to reduce product stock manually


We sometimes have trouble keeping track of stock that goes missing and would just like to manually reduce the stock. This is possible with kegs, but for cans we have to reduce it by whole numbers, is there a way to just simply reduce the number of cans?


Hi Michael, thanks for your comment! You can adjust your stock levels by performing a stock adjustment. Our How to perform a stock adjustment help article should guide you through how to do this. If you have all your cans assembled as multipacks and want to adjust out single cans from these multipacks rather than full cases, then you will first need to disassemble your multipacks into single cans. Provided you have a single unit product set up for your can, you can simply head to the multipack and select Actions → Disassemble product and the number of multipacks to disassemble. You will then be able to head to the single-can product and stock adjust the individual cans accordingly. Let me know if you have any other questions! Cheers!