How to perform a stock adjustment

There may be occasions when you need to adjust your stock for a particular product. This can quickly be done by heading to Products, finding the product, and selecting ActionsStock adjustment.

Increasing your stock

When increasing stock, you can select the specific batch, the quantity you need to increase the stock by, the expiry date and a reason for the stock increase. This will increase your stock, and will not deduct any volumes from the batch volume, and will instead be in addition to the batch volume and will add to your production totals. Any increase in stock will be held as duty in suspense.

Any stock that has been racked should be racked from the appropriate vessel in the production suite, and not created through a stock adjustment.

Reducing your stock

When reducing your stock, you can select the specific batch and whether this beer was lost, spoilt or used for samples. The quantity lost or spoilt can then be entered alongside a reason for your records. Any spoilt or lost beer that is duty-paid will automatically have a duty reclaim made against your current month’s duty return.