How to include export invoice details on a customer with a UK delivery address

When raising an invoice for a customer with a delivery address outside of the country, this will automatically be treated by Breww as an export order and display the HS code, weight and country of origin.

However, there may be occasions where you would like these details included when the delivery address on the order is in the same country. You can choose to Always show export information on invoices for a specific customer by heading to the customer, selecting Edit, scrolling down to Additional customer options (this option is only visible to Breww admins), checking the checkbox for this and then clicking Save.

Next time you invoice this customer, this should include this information. You can check that this is all included whilst on an order for the customer and selecting PDFView invoice.

You may also wish to include product BBE dates on your invoices; you can find out how to do this in our guide on How to include BBE dates, batch numbers and container codes/packaging IDs on invoices and delivery manifests