Additional customer options

There are four additional customer options in Breww that are only visible to admin users. These options need careful consideration before being used, as they can have implications for how Breww calculates your beer duty, invoicing information and pricing.

The options

The following four options can be found by going to any customer in Breww and selecting Edit. These options will only be visible to admin users and are found under the header Additional customer options (Brewery admins only), and they are as follows:

  • Customer is registered to receive beer under duty suspense
  • Excise duty free pricing
  • VAT exempt
  • Always show export information on invoices

Customer is registered to receive beer under duty suspense

Use of this setting must be carefully considered, but you may find this applicable for certain scenarios. Using this setting will mean that any beer dispatched to a customer with this setting on will be sent duty suspended and will never appear on your duty return; this may be the case when contract brewing for another brewery where the production totals are against your license but the duty is payable by the other brewery for example, or for export customers that you deliver to in the UK.

Excise duty free pricing

This option is ideal for export customers as it allows you to reduce the product cost by the excise duty amount. You can read more on this in our guide on How to create an order with duty free pricing.

VAT exempt

Whilst Breww will recognise the VAT is not applicable to orders with a delivery address outside the UK by default, this option allows you to set that a specific customer is always VAT exempt, which you may consider if delivering to a UK-based export customer.

Always show export information on invoices

Similar to the VAT option, this setting is great for UK-based export customers who are sending your goods outside of the UK and require certain information displayed, such as HS codes and weights for export purposes. We cover this in more depth in our How to include export invoice details on a customer with a UK delivery address guide.