How to destroy, delete or waste a batch

If you have a batch that has been created, started and completed in error or is still in the brewing system, but something has gone wrong, and you need to waste the full volume, or delete the batch you can follow the steps below to do this in Breww.

Fully deleting a batch where no ingredients have been used

Whether a batch is completed or in progress, you can delete a batch by undoing the starting of the batch using the undo button Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 12.05.10 in the “Actions” tab, doing so will revert the batch back to a planned batch.We have a dedicated guide on undoing batch actions, which might be useful to read through. If there are multiple actions you must undo them all in reverse chronological order from the last to the first.

Once the batch has been reversed to a planned batch you can now fully delete this in the batch screen using the delete button located at the top right of the page.


:warning: Please note that if this batch has had any products entered into your duty return, either through a sale or stock movement to a non-bonded site or location, then this batch cannot be deleted.

Wasting a batch where ingredients were used

Follow these steps:

  • Checking the “Ingredients” tab list of stock items used is correct and adjusting to match what was used if required.
  • Transfer the batch to a vessel in Breww (We appreciate this probably didn’t happen in the real world, but it’s needed for the next step in Breww).
  • Go to the “Actions” menu and choose “Empty vessel”, and empty the vessel in full. This will close out the batch, keeping the ingredients stock as used but without producing any beer stock.