Handling payments on SIBA Beerflex DDS integration orders


Breww’s integration with SIBA Beerflex DDS can be set up in IntegrationsEcommerce & POS. On a basic level, it works like most of our other Sales platform integrations (ecommerce/POS) (which is covered in that other guide). You will need SIBA to enable FTP access for you and provide you with login details for this. If you don’t already have this set up or don’t know the login details, you will need to contact SIBA and request this.

Stock level syncing

Unlike most, stock levels cannot be synced to SIBA, so this doesn’t happen as it does with most other integrations.


Additionally, payments are handled differently from most other payments. SIBA orders come into Breww marked as Paid (Pending). This is because we know that you don’t need to chase the customer for payment, as the payment is in the process of making its way from the customer to you (via SIBA). Sometimes you might also sell to the same customer directly (not via SIBA) and in which case don’t want to confuse how much they owe you directly. You’ll also not want these invoices “polluting” the list of outstanding invoices where you need to chase the customer for payment.

While the payment is “Pending”, we will not tell your accounting software about the payments. The invoices will be uploaded like normal, but they’ll remain unpaid in your accounting software until the payment in Breww is complete.

We have a SIBA payment reconciliation tool to handle updating the status of payments (and so they subsequently get pushed to your accounting software) and also tracking if SIBA ever misses a payment or sends the wrong amount.

Each month you should be emailed by SIBA both a Self billing invoice and a Remittance advice. If you go to SettingsIntegrationsSIBA (Actions)Payment reconciliation then you’ll see where you can upload these two PDF documents for automatic reconciliation and payment status updates. We recommend uploading these documents soon after you receive them from SIBA. From here, you can also see a breakdown of outstanding SIBA payments, etc, so you can chase SIBA for payment where required.

The payment status of SIBA orders in Breww reflects the following:

  • Pending: New orders from SIBA come in with payments as Pending.
  • Processing: When you upload a matching “Self billing invoice”, we’ll change the payment status to Processing.
  • Complete: When you upload a matching “Remittance advice”, we’ll change the payment status to Complete.

Delivery notes & invoices

SIBAs rules require that you don’t even give a customer an invoice (they do this) and that the delivery notes match their required format. For this reason, Breww will never automatically email an invoice to a customer for a SIBA order. When you generate the delivery notes, SIBA orders will show the delivery note in their format rather than your normal format.