Sales platform integrations (ecommerce/POS)

Linking Breww to your online sales platforms

Breww is integrated with a number of sales platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce. All integrations work in the same way and all the information on this page applies to all, unless otherwise stated.

What will the integration do?

Breww’s sales platform integration will keep the stock of all your products up to date on your online shop or platform. It will also pull down orders placed on them into Breww, and mark them as fulfilled when they are dispatched in Breww. It will even auto-dispatch orders that come down already fulfilled if your delivery settings allow smallpack auto-assignment.

Warning: As Breww can update your stock levels on your sales platform (this can be turned off entirely or on a per-product basis), it might lead to some of your products appearing out of stock when you would prefer to be taking orders. Typically the platforms that we integrate with allow you to specify whether you would like to still receive orders despite being out of stock, so please check your settings and your platform’s documentation to make sure there are no surprises. Often this is known as “back-orders”.

Connecting Breww to your provider

The first step is to grant Breww access to your account with your provider. To connect, navigate to our IntegrationsEcommerce & POS page and select the online sales provider you would like to connect to.

Follow the on-screen instructions on how to connect to your specific provider. Each provider is slightly different, so you’ll need to follow the instructions displayed for your specific provider.

Before connecting, you will be asked how you would like the integration to work, as there are a number of config options that allow you to personalise the sort of behaviour you would like. Firstly you will need to specify from which date you would like to download orders. You can then choose to download all orders under one customer, or download individual customer information. You can also specify that you want the exact stock levels in Breww to be reflected on your sales platform, or that you would like to display the maximum possible products you could create based on existing stock. All config options are explained in detail next on the configuration form, so make sure to read through the explanations to ensure you are happy with how the integration will work.

Making a clean transition from your previous process/software

It’s important to make sure you make a clean transition from how you previously handled these orders to handling them via Breww. This will ensure that no orders get missed or get processed twice. To make this easy, you can specify an “Ignore orders before” date in the integration settings.

We suggest that you pick a fixed date/time to make a clean break and set this as the “Ignore orders before” date/time. All orders before this time will be handled in your previous way and all orders after will be handled in Breww. You can also adjust this date/time at any point if you change your mind, but bear in mind that if an order is already in Breww and you move this date into the future, this will not remove the orders already in Breww.

Often, our customers will set up the integration a short while before their switchover date, to give them a chance to map all products before the date arrives to ensure that there’s no rush to map all the products. It’s also possible to disable stock syncing, so this can be toggled on when you’re ready to go live too. If stock syncing is enabled, but orders are not being imported to Breww, then Breww may be syncing incorrect stock levels.

Mapping your products

After integrating with your provider, you will need to map the products that you have in Breww to the products on your provider. Breww will attempt to auto-match Breww’s product codes with the SKU on your provider, but any that don’t match will need manually matching. Under the Actions drop-down on the right-hand side of your integration, click Product mapping, from there you can map the products from each platform.

Updating the configuration

You can update your config options at any time via the Configuration option under the Actions drop-down to the right of your integration.

Which sales platform integrations does this apply to?

This information applies to all of our ecommerce (webshop) and point-of-sale (POS/EPOS) integrations, including:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Sellar
  • SIBA BeerFlex DDS
  • Squarespace
  • Zettle (previously known as iZettle)
  • Square
  • Ecwid
  • EeBria
  • BigCommerce
  • ShopWired