Google Maps Route

Can I get a google maps route out of your software ?

Rather than print out the delivery route (useless), I want to get the route I to google maps, so that all I have to do is follow it.

Is this (or will this) be possible ?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your message & welcome to the Breww Community! This is where the Breww app comes in handy (available for both iOS & Android). The app allows for containers to be assigned to deliveries using your phone’s camera, signatures to be taken and navigation to each drop via Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

To make the most of the app’s functionality, simply use the app to select your delivery day & run of choice and select Manage which brings up a list of drops for that day. To open up more tools for this run, again press Manage against the customer you wish to deliver to next and select Navigate. From here, you can also call the customer and assign a Proof of Delivery signature (and a photo too if you’re using our Advanced Deliveries addon).

I hope this is useful for you but please let us know if you need any further help.