Advanced Deliveries addon released - save time and money on your deliveries

I hope everyone had a great Christmas :christmas_tree: (even if it was with fewer people than usual) and is looking forward to welcoming in the new year tonight. Well, Breww has something new for you for 2021 - our Advanced Deliveries module.

Breww’s standard delivery management features are already far beyond those offered by any of our competitors. Our vehicle management and delivery route planning is an outstanding feature to be included in our standard product - who else allows you to let AI work out which vehicle each delivery should be on and in what order to drop them off? (For anyone interested, this is known as the Vehicle Routing Problem as is one of the most complex mathematical problems known to humans - every extra delivery or extra vehicle makes the number of possible solutions exponentially more, meaning it cannot be brute-forced!)

With the launch of our Advanced Deliveries addon you can make this even better with the following extra features:

  • Breww’s AI route optimisation using road driving times (rather than line-of-sight distances which are used in the basic version) for even better routes
  • See driving times and distances on all delivery runs, with the time/distance between each drop
  • Estimated time of arrival at each delivery drop
  • AI route optimisation takes into consideration customer’s set delivery window times and ensures you always deliver at the right times
  • AI route optimisation ensures you never exceed your vehicles maximum weight capacities
  • Advanced warning when one of your vehicles is within a month of its road tax or MOT expiring (UK vehicles only)
  • Take photos in our mobile app and attach them to deliveries as proof of delivery (POD)
  • Automatically send via SMS estimated delivery time slot notifications to your customers (coming soon, will require the SMS addon too)

With advanced deliveries you’ll have access to extra options when using our route planner:

Valuable extra information is shown on your delivery runs:

Vehicle tax and MOT information is pulled daily from the DVLA to help you not forget to keep your tax and MOT up to date:

Tax and MOT warnings show in places around Breww that you can’t miss:

Our Advanced Deliveries module is charged at just £34.99 per vehicle per month. We’re confident that the benefit you’ll get from this extra functionality will far exceed the cost, so why not sign up today? As with everything at Breww, there’s no long contracts, if you don’t get the benefit you expect, simply unsubscribe!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make this even better for you. Comment below!

Happy 2021! :partying_face: