Filter in 'Leads'

It would be very useful to be able to filter all ‘Leads’ by sales area

Thanks for the suggestion. Can you confirm that by “Sales area”, you mean the “Delivery areas” that Breww lets you configure within the delivery settings section?

Hi Luke,
‘Sales area’ is in the Custom Fields section ‘area location code’

Ah, in that case, this is a custom field that you (or someone else in your team) has added to Breww and so not a field managed by Breww. Custom fields cannot usually be set on Leads (unless they’re converted back to a Lead from a Customer), however, if the custom fields are set, you should be able to filter on them.

If you go to Leads in the main menu, then to All leads (button in top-right), then you should be able to filter this list using BrewwQL or the “Add filter” button and use your custom field.

I hope this makes sense.