Filter customers and leads by delivery area

We need to be able to filter both customers and leads by delivery area.
We need this to enable efficient planning of sales visits and also when making sales calls -e.g. to focus on an area we’re due to deliver to where orders are sparse. Is there any way to do this please? I can’t find a way and have requested this before as a feature, it seems a very basic requirement of a CRM system.
We only have 2 sales people, 1 office based and 1 on the road so both cover all areas, we don’t have the luxury of a sales person per area.
I wondered about setting up different sales people and calling them the names of our sales areas but this would require me setting up 9 new users as we have 9 areas so not really an option. Is there another way around this that anyone has found please?

Hi Sarah, thanks for getting in touch.

You can get a list of customers and leads for a given delivery area, by going to SettingsDelivery settingsDelivery areas and clicking the View customers in area button for the delivery area in question. This will include both customers & leads, and from that page, you can further filter this list with BrewwQL.

In addition, we have Customer and lead mapping and visit (field sales) route optimisation as feature request. It is alreadyhigh on our list and should make planning visits even better, but if you’d like this too, please can you vote for it with the button in the top-left of that page as this will help push it even further up the priority list.

I hope this helps, but please do let us know if there is something else here that we can help with.

Thanks Luke, this is helpful!

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