Expose "Product" stock availability data via the API

An idea:
If you could expose the information about stock availability (number of available boxes per product, for example) via the API then I can recaluculate the prices in another currency and construct a price list for my customers.
Currently the API exposes the products and their prices but not their availability and prices per price book.
An ideal version of this API would return the data needed to create a price list, allowing filtering and product exclusion. Same way it is done via the web UI.

Thanks for the suggestion, Gantcho.

I’m sure we can look at this addition to the API :+1:

I’ve split this off into a separate feature request as while I realise that the end goal for you is the same as Invoicing & purchasing in multiple different currencies, not just account's main currency, it’s actually a completely different task from a dev point of view.

Can you vote for this thread?

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Would be great if Containers/NR containers were separated when this is done.

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Just to clarify for others voting, this feature request is for Product availability. If you’re looking for Stock item availability, please vote for Expose "Stock item" stock availability data via the API instead.

Great news, this is now available through the API :tada:

Two new fields have been added to the products endpoint:

  • quantity_available_theoretical_max
  • quantity_in_stock_in_format

These are Conditionally included fields, so you’ll need to request that they are included in the response data.

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