Direct Debits - Go Cardless?

Hi folks,

We’re looking to start accepting Direct Debits using Go Cardless or similar, but I’m struggling to work out the best way to use this with Breww with no integration.

Has anyone got any insight they can share?

For reference, we invoice in Breww and use Xero as our accountancy software. We want to have our Breww invoice inform GoCardless/other platform of the correct amount each month and then be able to reconcile any payments with the correct invoice in Xero once paid.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Oli,

We’re gearing up for integration with Stripe, where payments for Breww invoices and on the Breww Trade Store can be handled cleanly. We hope this will be available within the next few months, as it’s one of our top priority features at the moment. Until then, you could still use Stripe to collect payments and handle direct debits, but it would have to be separate from Breww. [Edit: Breww’s Stripe integration will initially only be for card payments]

You’ll hear when the Stripe integration goes live!

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Cheers Matt. I’m not aware of Stripe being able to handle DDs, but maybe that more research that I’ll need to do.

Either way, we’d like the option to add Stripe /other DD provider links to invoices raised outside of the trade store, will this be possible around the same time?

We use go cardless with xero and breww. We do exactly what you are saying. We invoice in breww. That pushes the invoice to xero which is integrated to go cardless and therefore triggers the direct debit. Works brilliantly and have been doing for over 2 years now. If you want to chat about it let me know and we can arrange a time

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Thanks John, that’s really useful input!

From Breww’s development side of things, Stripe does have some limited support for Direct Debits, but it’s far from complete currently. I believe our initial integration will be for card payments only, although Direct Debits may be supported via this integration in the future (if Stripe adds better support for them). Apologies for the misinformation on this above.

We do also plan to add a direct integration to GoCardless to save the extra steps on set up with making this work via Xero, but as John says, this can be done currently when “plummed” through Xero.

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That’s great to hear, thanks John! So do you set up a customer on GC directly? If you’re up for a quick chat about it, that would be great. Drop me a line on 07732445614 or whenever is a good time!



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