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Just wondering if others would find it useful if the app showed delivery notes. As an example one of our pubs gives us the code to the cellar door which is stored in the delivery notes on the customers info. However for the driver to access this you have to click through to the web system then click through to the customer info. Just wondering if standard delivery notes or specific delivery notes could show on the delivery screen of the app.

I’d second this. Currently delivery notes don’t seem to appear in the mobile app next on each delivery but would be super useful for our dray team with things like gate codes and customer specific delivery notes

Thanks for putting this forward, John, and for the support, Jack. The timing was impeccable - we were pushing an app update over the weekend (to add support for delayed racking releases), so we’ve bundled this in at the same time. :tada:

If you update to the latest version of the app now, the delivery instructions should show below the address on the screen for a delivery. The “Web view” button has also been changed to be a “View PDF/on web” button. Using this, you can still get to the web version of the delivery, plus you can view the invoice PDF and delivery note PDF. These can even be printed directly from your phone if you have your phone set up with a WiFi or Bluetooth printer!

We hope this proves useful :grin:

Hi Luke
Thanks for this the only problem is that it only shows delivery notes that are added to the order not the standing delivery notes that are on the account. For things like gate/door codes we put these on the account delivery notes as they will get forgotten if we have to add them to each delivery notes. Is there anyway of pulling these through to.
Also is it possible to make the notes stand out a bit more say in a red colour or bigger or both as I think the driver will probably miss them currently.
Sorry to be so needy!

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