Customisable Delivery Labels

It would be great to be able to customise the delivery labels in the same way that you are able to customise the stock labels so that we can include things like Gyle Number, order notes etc…

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Yes. You should vote :grinning:


there are legal requirements e.g. brewery addresss, name the product as BEER, use alc4.5%vol notation, BREWW doesnt have this on label format??

Thanks for your comments, @david-barker

You can customise the “Business name to show on stock & delivery labels” to ensure the address is in this line. This can be done in SettingsLabel & printing settings (it’s the first option on the page).

The Alc 4.5% Vol notation is used on the stock labels already. The delivery labels are intended as an extra to the stock labels (not an alternative), so this information should already be on the product.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean by:

You have full control over how the product name is shown on labels, so if you’re looking to customise this, you can do so already. To use a different product name on the label from the rest of Breww, you can use the button show in this screenshot (from the main page for any product):

If this doesn’t cover what you’re asking for here, can you please explain further what you’re asking? Thank you.

on the label if you name it e.g. Fred’s Tipple then this is not adequate, apparently the label must say what the product actually is e.g. ALE or BEER , I suppose Fred’s tipple could be anything??!! this has been highlighted by a SIBA audit so I’m not sure why the other SIBA members on Breww haven’t raised it?

Thanks David. This hasn’t ever been raised before, to be honest; they may be new requirements. This can be done in Breww already by the options that I’ve explained in my previous message.

Would you mind sharing with us the report from SIBA, so that we can review it to see if we can make this easier to manage?