Customisable Delivery Labels

It would be great to be able to customise the delivery labels in the same way that you are able to customise the stock labels so that we can include things like Gyle Number, order notes etc…

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Yes. You should vote :grinning:


there are legal requirements e.g. brewery addresss, name the product as BEER, use alc4.5%vol notation, BREWW doesnt have this on label format??

Thanks for your comments, @david-barker

You can customise the “Business name to show on stock & delivery labels” to ensure the address is in this line. This can be done in SettingsLabel & printing settings (it’s the first option on the page).

The Alc 4.5% Vol notation is used on the stock labels already. The delivery labels are intended as an extra to the stock labels (not an alternative), so this information should already be on the product.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean by:

You have full control over how the product name is shown on labels, so if you’re looking to customise this, you can do so already. To use a different product name on the label from the rest of Breww, you can use the button show in this screenshot (from the main page for any product):

If this doesn’t cover what you’re asking for here, can you please explain further what you’re asking? Thank you.

on the label if you name it e.g. Fred’s Tipple then this is not adequate, apparently the label must say what the product actually is e.g. ALE or BEER , I suppose Fred’s tipple could be anything??!! this has been highlighted by a SIBA audit so I’m not sure why the other SIBA members on Breww haven’t raised it?

Thanks David. This hasn’t ever been raised before, to be honest; they may be new requirements. This can be done in Breww already by the options that I’ve explained in my previous message.

Would you mind sharing with us the report from SIBA, so that we can review it to see if we can make this easier to manage?

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I’d like to add I don’t think relying on two labels is appropriate for a number of reasons. If you have an alias or change an item on an invoice, the original name is on the stock label.
I think stock labels without BBFs would cause a problem for trading standards, but then any changes at delivery time (we shorten them) would still have the original BBF on the stock label…

As I understood it, the requirement to label the “Name of the food” (i.e. “ale” / “beer”), applies to “prepacked food” only and is intended for the consumer. So not a requirement when the product is going into trade?. Small-pack, yes. I suspect a misunderstanding on the part of the SIBA auditor. (I’ve dealt with them, and this is not beyond imagining). If you have queries, direct them to your local T.S. contact and pass their response to SIBA. (if, as I suspect, it differs from the auditors opinion) Alternatively, just send a “corrected” label to SIBA.

I’ve been corrected here. I’m now told that non-prepacked foods should also be labelled with the “name of the food”. (Although our TSO didn’t have a problem with our cask labels that used “Fancy Names”). And neither did anyone else. (including an auditor some time ago.) I suppose SIBAs point on this is understandable. Apologies. Although (and I’m certainly not qualified to give advice), labelling is about providing information to the consumer, so I still don’t see why it should apply here. But if that’s the box you have to tick for SIBA…

Check it with T.S. if you’re unsure. It’s what we pay our taxes for.

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I am not in any way qualified to give legal advice and this shouldn’t be considered as such, but I’m not aware of any regulations that states any maximum time that is allowed to pass between packaging the product and sticking a label with a BB on it. As long as you know what is in there and when it’s maximum BB is, I don’t see why there is a problem with having an internal-use-only label (i.e. a stock label) without a BB on it, and then before delivering it to a customer, adding another label (i.e. delivery label) with a BB.

If you know exactly what is in a container and what its maximum BB is, and ensure all containers delivered have a BB on them, then I don’t see how Trading Standards can complain about this. What rule would you be breaking? They might have an assumption that all containers have this written on them while sitting in your building waiting for sale, but this is probably just because that’s what is often seen and not because it’s a legal requirement at that stage.

If you want a label when initially packaging, then one with a different BB from the point of delivery, I don’t see how this cannot be two labels. You can’t know what the delivery date will be at the point of packaging. Unless I’m missing something?

The “not having a BBF” is something thats been raised in the past, and i agree with you.

The point i’m making is it shouldn’t require two labels to still be on it at delivery - I don’t want to have a racking label on there with “Product name 1” and its allergens etc, and then a delivery label saying “Alias name 1”. All of the info thats required should be on the delivery label so that the racking label can just be removed.

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