Credit notes not considered in total sales?

I have run a report to show the total sales, broken down by customer type. This is a report we run every month to see sales performance across different types of customers.
This month I noticed that one group was artificially high, because a sale that was entered incorrectly was included in the sales figures. A credit note was done and applied to the invoice, but the value of the invoice still appears in our sales figures.
Can you advise how I can get a report that accounts for credit notes and doesn’t include those figures in sales? I can’t see an option to select that, but I’m surprised it isn’t done as standard.

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Hi Bob, thanks for raising this in our community!
Are you using a product-level report? These won’t all include credit notes or invoice-level discounts/charges as Breww can’t assume how they should be applied to each product (equally or not).
Any credit notes raised against a customer should appear on the ‘All Sales’ pre-built report. This report also includes the customer type, so you could export this report to Excel and filter by the customer type.

Hi Ben
This is just a report of sales by customer type, so not product level.
Do the credit notes not show up in this?

Assuming you got to that report via the “Sales (orders/invoices)” button in this screenshot below (part of the Custom report builder tool), then credit notes will not show in that report. However, there is another report in that section named “Credit notes” which will show these.

Also, some of the pre-built reports do include both invoices and credit notes in the same report. Thank you.

Hi Luke
What I need to do is report on sales by Customer Type. I thought I had that, but it seems the reporting doesn’t account for credit notes.
Can you tell me what report I can use to show total sales broken down by customer type, that takes into account credit notes and anything else, so that I can see the actual value of sales?
I don’t want to run a seperate report for credit notes and then have to combine the figures. I’m sure this is simple to do as it’s a very basic report, but I can’t see how to produce it.

The custom report builder tool treats invoices and credit notes as separate documents and it’s not possible to combine these at this time (and this would be a complex change due to how this works currently).

To see both invoices and credit notes in the same report currently, you’ll need to use a pre-built report which does this. I’d suggest using the All sales report as this includes both invoices and credit notes. This has a Customer type column, so you can group by this in Excel if needed. Cheers.

Hi Luke
If it’s not possible to build a custom report, can you make a pre-built report that does this?
I need to know what sales we’ve made to different customer types and this seems like it would be pretty fundamental to everyone’s busnesses.
If the system has been set up in a way that sales reports don’t account for credit notes, then I would suggest that the system needs to be set up in a better way. It seems that the accounting and invoicing side of Breww has been set up in quite a simplified way, and that is causing problems when it comes to producing pretty simple reports and giving accurate figures.
I appreciate that fixing this may require quite fundamental changes in the back office, but these are structural issues that need to be addressed.

Thanks Bob.

This does sound like a great suggestion and I’m sure you’re right that others would find this useful.

There is a similar request at Total Sales by Product by Customer Type (with just one vote so far).

Or if you’re looking for something slightly different, please request it. It’s important that feature requests follow the right process to ensure they get actioned appropriately by us.

We appreciate your suggestions, but I want to be completely upfront with you - please don’t expect this soon. Restructuring this isn’t on our radar at the moment (and likely never will be). The work would be huge, the benefits questionable, and there are undoubtedly much bigger fish to fry.

There’s far more to how Breww is architected than you see on the surface as a user of the platform, so suggestions of what you want to see or be able to do, are more useful & actionable than blind suggestions about how you think the structure behind the scenes should change. We can address your requests with reporting improvements instead, and this would be a better end result than a restructuring of the underlying data.

Cheers :smile:

Hi Luke
Thank you for your reply, but I do find it quite condescending.
I’m not making blind suggestions, I am pointing out a flaw and asking you to fix it. The benefits are not questionable, the benefit of getting accurate figures should be self explanatory.
Are you saying that it is intentional that I shouldn’t be able to report accurately on what sales have been made to a customer group? I would be interested to hear your reasoning behind that.
Addressing my requests by improving reporting would be fine, please do that. I don’t agree that it would represent a better end result though.

Thanks, Bob. I’m sorry - I didn’t intend for it to be condescending but I can see, reading it back, that it could have come over like this. Please accept my apologies for this.

No, of course not. You can do this already with the All sales report, which includes both credit notes and invoices and shows the customer group.

Alternatively, you can use the Custom report builder reports, as discussed above. I appreciate this requires running two reports, one for sales and one for credits, but this information is all available for you. Our reporting options are already quite extensive, but there’s room for improvement still, and we welcome ideas & suggestions in this area.

Please do open feature requests for what you’d like to be able to see and do in Breww, and then we can work on how best to handle the implementation.

Apologies again for my last message coming over the way it did; it most certainly wasn’t my intention :pray: