Credit notes missing information


When I print a Credit note, it doesn’t show if the credit was applied already or how much of that credit is still available.

Is there a way to show this in the Credit Note we sent to our customers?

I believe it should show something like:

Total Credit: £100
Credit applied to Invoice_123: £45
Total remaining Credit: £55


Hi Hector, thanks for your comment. Currently, when you raise a credit note, you can, as you say, choose to print this as a PDF; this uses the credit note information from the point it was raised, and currently, there isn’t a mechanism in place where if some of that credit is used on order, you can print the outstanding balance of that credit note for the customer. You can, however, view this on the credit note in Breww. I can definitely see how this would be a useful addition to Breww, so if you could raise this as a feature request in the community, that would be great! Cheers.