Creating price books and managing product pricing

Hi Luke & Matt,

Liking the new price books. One thing that I think would help a lot of your other customers right now would be the functionality to select multiple customers from different groups, and change them to new price books. This would save us and many others a lot of time and would be a handy feature as costs are as consistent as Prime Ministers right now



Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback!
So a sort of bulk moving tool for customers? There may be some things that can already help you out with this:

  1. You may already know this, but you can assign a price book to a customer group, meaning that all customers within that group will use that price book (as long as price book hasn’t been set on the customer directly, as this would override the group setting). Then all you’d have to do is change the group’s price book to affect all the sub-customers.

  2. The customer bulk updater. Go to Settings > Data imports & updates, then find the ‘Customers & contacts’ updater (not importer). Using this tool, you can download a CSV file of all your customers, where you can then select just the customers of a specific group and change their price book in bulk using Excel. You can remove any irrelevant customers from the file for ease, if you’d like. You could also use this feature to remove the price book set on each customer individually if you wanted to make use of the other solution above.

I hope this helps!

Hi all,

I have a selection of ‘old’ customers that haven’t ordered from us in some time and all of which are on the same price book. Is it possible to update the price book and apply to all? I appreciate your last post would cover this but requires quite a bit of manual intervention. What I’m looking for is a ‘change price book’ option for an existing group of customers on a price book.

Hi Omar,

There is no prebuilt function to move all customers from one price book to another, but there is a workaround that you might find does what you need. If you go to your price book dashboard and click the pencil icon on the price book you want the customers moved from, and untick ‘active’, you will be given the option for a Replacement price book to move all customers from that book to a different price book, and once you have moved your customers over, you will be able to make your original price book active again.

Is there a way to download all pricebooks so i can see in one sheet which price books have which pricing in them? At the moment we have a load of different price books per customer and i want to work out if there is a way to clean this up a bit when we do our price increase this year.

I’m afraid we have no export tool for price books at the moment. If you get in touch via a support ticket with, say, a specific example of how you might want to structure your new prices, we can see your old structure and walk you through sorting your prices out.

Hi Matt,

I’ve started to look into using Customer Group price books, and whilst the feature appears to work as intended, it would be very useful if there was some sort of indication on the Customer page that a Group price book was being used. Currently it stays as “Not set”, meaning it’s not clear what pricing will be applied until an order is created. Might it be possible to change this wording to make it more clear that a Group price book is in place and will be used?


Hi Greg,

That makes complete sense. This was a quick tweak, so we’ve added this for you now!
I hope this helps.


Hi Matt, that’s perfect, thanks for addressing so quickly! Cheers


hi there, just been reading through this long thread and perahps Ive missed the answer to my query but I dont think it was covered.

I want to add a product specific discount to one account. They are currently on a derived price book but they have a historic discount on one product that does not fit with the price book they are assigned to

Is it possible for me to add a discount to this product without creating them a whole new price book just for them? I can obviously make it happen when I add their order but I’d like the discount to apply automatically to avoid any errors.

I’m afraid they’d need their own price book. There’s no way to set a customer-specific price within a price book that’s used by others.
You can, of course, simply create a derived price book using the original price book as a parent, then you’d just need to set an explicit price for the one specially priced product, leaving all other prices the same.

Hey! Is there a way to apply multiple price rules to a single product within the same price book? I.e a percentage discount at 10% as well as -£x amount. I cant seem to see a way to do this as its just applies whichever rule it comes across first?

Only one rule is applied to each product from each price book (the first one from the list, as you’ve mentioned). The only way currently to apply a percentage and fixed amount rule would be rule stacking through multiple price books or to combine the two discounts into one.

Hi Matt,

Similarly, I’ve also just discovered that customers set up to use Group price books show a blank “Customer → Price Book → Name” field in customer reports (e.g. the “Customer (CRM) activities” raw data explorer report.) Is there any way for this to also be tweaked to show when a Group price book is in fact being used?


Hey Greg,
This one is actually a bit more difficult to resolve due to how the Data explorer works behind the scenes. We will look into the best way to deal with this, but in the meantime, you’d have to add a field for Customer → Customer group → Price book (and potentially one for ‘Customer type’ as well). Thanks for bringing this up, nevertheless!

Thanks Matt, I will use that suggested workaround for now - presumably any/all instances of a blank Customer Price Book field in reports will be due to the link at a Group level, and so the Group Price Book can always be substituted in with confidence?

You can presume that yes, but only if you’re confident that all intended customers are actually linked to their group and that group has a price book set.

Slightly more basic than all of these questions but I cannot find the answer sorry!

When we update prices, does that update any existing orders in Breww? If it does is there any dependence on delivery date/order date/paid v’s unpaid or no change?
Is there a feature or feature request for “price from date” feature so all the new pricing can be done in advance rather than first thing same day?
Is there extra guidance on updating prices I’m missing somewhere?

Existing orders aren’t updated automatically. We don’t have any features (or requests, yet!) for automatic price changes from a specific date. You can force an update of pricing on a specific order by changing the price book to something else and then back again.
Feel free to post a feature request for the automatic application of price changes, or something similar, as I’m sure plenty of Brewwers would find this helpful!

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