Cleaning and Maintenance

Looking for some advice on how people are using the Cleaning and Maintenance feature, and if anyone can suggest or point out where I may be going wrong.

For the most part this feature is brilliant, there would be a few tweaks I would make (Please see link and vote! :wink:) But in general its pretty good.
Cleaning schedule - time based usage for equipment (e.g. daily), but only if used

But the query I would like to make in this post, is how people are setting up the cleans for their ‘Brewing System’?

My brewhouse for example consists of a Mash Tun and a Copper. But BREWW treats these 2 ‘vessels’ as 1 item. I would like to set up a process that blocks my Copper and Heat Exchanger after every use. However, because the Brewing System is all together, I’ve had to remove this, as I would be unable to ‘start’ the following brew, whilst one is currently in process. A cleaning notification would never be triggered, as my Brewing System is never ‘empty’.

Yes, I know you can manually trigger any clean/process. But surely you shouldn’t have to if the wort/beer moved though the brewhouse like it does in reality, rather than all vessels acting as one brewing system.

Hopefully I am missing something really obvious, and someone is going to make me look really silly.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment! You’re right; currently, you can only schedule a cleaning and maintenance process for the entire brewing system and not the individual vessels within the brewing system. I can definitely see how being able to set a schedule on the individual vessels in the brewing system would be a great addition to Breww, so if you would like to see this added, it would be great if you raise this as a feature request! For now, the only way to trigger a process for one of the vessels within your brewing system would be by setting it on the entire system, and if you chose to block the equipment when due on the process, this would block the use of the whole brewing system. You could choose not to block the equipment on the process, which would mean the cleaning process is still triggered through the schedule and shows under Cleaning & maintenance records due now, for example, the cleaning of your copper, but you will still be able to proceed with brewing into the brewing system as usual. Let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers.