Chiller graphic

Could there be a way to have a “chiller turned on” setting on the brew sheet / batch page. And then for this to flag some kind of graphic on the appropriate vessel (like a blue snowflake) on the main production page so that we could see at a glance which vessels are on chill, and which need gravity readings etc?

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You can turn on ‘chilling’ on the vessel’s page. Click on the vessel name on the production dashboard to go straight to a vessel’s page, or find it from View > Vessels. It would make sense to be able to turn this on/off from the brew sheet/batch page as well, though, I’ll add that to the list.


This can be done from the batch page now too, by using the two small buttons to the top-right of the vessel.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 13.16.16


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