Increasing the number of the vessel/tank status icons (Chilling and Carbonated)

We use the main home page to quickly view the status of our tanks, the chilled and carbonated icons are useful but it would be great if this could be expanded.

It would be even more useful if there was also an icon for fermenting, Dry hopped, VDK rest etc. We previously spoke about changing dry hopping and crashing to actions rather than just ingredient additions or data entry so that the beers life span can be tracked via the ‘actions’ page. If the addition of a dry hop or the drop in temperature was linked into the change of icon that would be even better.

Hi Freddie,

Yes, we can certainly add some more icons. Max is hoping to get to these production improvements soon. We’ll keep you updated.



Would it be possible to have more than one phase change (ferm to chill) to include ferm, diacetyl hold, diacetyl clear, maturation and bright beer?



Thanks for the great suggestion, Patrick.

If anyone else would also find this useful, please can you give this a vote with the button in the top-left to push this up the priority list? Cheers.

Hi, digging up this thread as we would also like some additional status icons. Dry hopped, Bright, VDK rest would be really useful as a quick reference on the Production Dashboard.

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that would be nice. Could you also include a record that can be accessed to see WHEN an action was carried out, meaning rather than just depicting that a tank is on chill or has been dry hopped etc, it also records the date when this happened and who carried the action out.


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It would be great to be able to tag tanks in the production screen to have a little symbol appear to show it has been finned just how you can tag them as chilling or carbonated.

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Great news, everyone :tada:

The day you’ve all been waiting for is here…

Thank you to everyone who voted & commented and helped make this a reality. Your feedback is so valuable :pray:


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