Checking future ingredient stock levels & generating purchase orders from a pre-brew stock check

You can run a pre-brew stock by going to ProductionActionsPre-brew stock check. This tool will check all your planned batches (and ad-hoc additions) to see if you have the required stock items to brew them.

If you are missing any items that you need, you can get Breww to automatically generate the required Purchase Orders (POs) to ensure this stock is ordered and delivered to you in time.

Placing an order for the missing ingredients

Having run your pre-brew stock check, simply click the Generate POs for missing stock button above the results.

You’ll have to option to choose which supplier should be used for each item (with Breww defaulting sensibly for you). Breww will also round the quantity up to multiples of your supplier’s pack size and ensure it is above the minimum order quantity for that supplier.

Breww will then generate a summary for you to confirm. Just click Create POs and your draft POs will be automatically created. Once you’ve reviewed them and made any manual adjustments (for example to purchase something extra), you can confirm and send them to your suppliers.

Hello, I’m in a bit of a problem place with this pre brew stock option. I need to see stock in our brewery (Magic Rock) but it only shows me both breweries (Fourpure & Magic Rock) can we get a filter on this ASAP please? I’m lost without this functionality.

Thanks, Scott. Could you give the Pre-brew stock check - stock location sites feature request a vote? This feature request should cover what you are looking for.

Hi guys.

Is there a way to add functionality for supplier lead times when calculating stock needed? When using the pre brew stock check to generate a PO, the PO defaults to the next day for requested delivery but supplier lead times may be much longer and even be beyond the date the stock is needed. I can create a feature request if this is possible.


Hi Jack, thanks for your comment! Currently, this functionally doesn’t exist; however, there is an existing feature request called Possible to track Order Lead Times for purchasing Raw Materials? . If you could add your vote to this, as well as give any additional comments, that would be great! Cheers!

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