Changing Recipies on the fly

A common problem I’m finding is being able to change recipes on the fly/mid-brew.

For example. I have 0kg of Saaz in stock but 5kg of Saaz T45. The recipe is spec’d to use Saaz, but I only have Saaz T45

Would love the option of editing the ingredients in the brew sheet. At the moment, to make a small change I have to edit the recipe, re-upload to the batch and input all my values from scratch to make an ingredient adjustment.

Any way we can do this on the fly?

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So, if you go on the actual page for the batch/gyle rather than the brew sheet you can add an ingredient on the ingredients tab. It will ask you which step of the process you want to add it to.

In your example, you’d click Ingredients then put the following boxes in the boxes:

Stock item: Saaz T45 (batch code 123456789)
Stage added: Started Batch
Production turn (if using turns): Whichever one it is
Quantity: 5kg
Recipe Action: “Add 5kg of Saaz T90”

It will then replace the T90 Saaz with T45 on your brew sheet.
Hope this helps!!

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This is way easier. Thanks for the update

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