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Just seen the below from Luke. This is great but I think we have flagged this before we really need a third stage in the tanks so we have primary, secondary and tertiary. Tertiary for us being the brite tank before bottling and being able to schedule this for production so we don’t get overlaps in the brite tank

Vessel schedule calendar shown above the transfer form

](Vessel schedule calendar shown above the transfer form - Breww - Breww updates)

When making a transfer between vessels, the batch schedule calendar will be shown above the transfer form so you can easily see how long the batch has been in the current vessel(s) and which vessel(s) were planned to be used. To see this, match sure you go to the transfer page by going to the batch first, and then using the Actions > Transfer button.

Thanks, John, don’t worry Custom vessel groupings is on the list already and something we plan to do soon as it shouldn’t be a huge task (in comparison to most requests) :+1:

Does that other thread cover what you’re looking for, or is there something else? Thanks.

yes sorry Luke that is correct that would sort it as long as those will appear on the calendar and you will be able to schedule to additional groups

Thanks John, can I just clarify are you looking to customise the options for vessel type or vessel group?

Vessel groups are like:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Pilot

Vessel types are like:

  • Fermenter
  • Brite tank
  • Holding tank
  • etc

Currently, the batch schedule calendar groups by vessel type only and groups don’t feature in the calendar at all. The other feature request is aimed at vessel groups, so wouldn’t in itself have any impact on the calendar. Would you want to see the vessels further subdivided by their group in addition to their type on the calendar? Or instead of their type? Any changes to the calendar would be a separate feature request (although we may build them together if they’d work well together).


Sorry I’m confusing the situation. We need extra vessel groups which as you say is in hand. Secondly on the calendar we need to be able to schedule to a third stage. First stage is fermentation (primary) then stuff moves to conditioning (secondary) and then thirdly it moves to bright. Currently we can only schedule as far as secondary you cannot schedule the third move which means that potentially we can overlap our brite tank usage. The move does show on the calendar when you actually do it but I can’t schedule it
Happy to chat if its easier

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying.

With the new calendar-based vessel scheduling (which replaced the old way of picking two vessels), you can schedule as many vessels as you need (you could do 100 if you really wanted).

You can just keep “drawing lines” on the calendar to add another vessel. The guide at How to plan which vessels will be used on a beer batch should hopefully explain this in more detail (I’ve just updated it to make this clearer).

If you still need a hand with this, please let me know :smile:

Thanks Luke. Sorry me being stupid. The only thing that would be good (and I know this is pedantic :slight_smile: ) but when you allow the definition of more groups that you can change the order the appear. If you look at ours it is not logical (in production flow terms) to have the brite tank above the conditioners it should flow across and down. I think that can be resolved when you add the extra groups as if the brite tank was in a tertiary group it would appear below would it not as the conditions in secondary group appear below primary.

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