Can we show the number of empties to be collected from each site on the delivery manifest?

We often arrive at a pub (having scheduled an uplift a few days previously) not remembering how many empties they have for us. It would be very helpful if Breww’s delivery manifest could show the number of casks we are supposed to be collecting at each location. Casks are often hard to find, and we can come across as ill informed if we don’t know how many the customer has. This would also help avoid unnecessary return trips and lost casks - and help us to manage the space in the van when planning our round.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Brenda. I can see how this would be really useful.

I believe that the existing requests - Delivery manifest and mobile app to show ETA and outstanding casks/kegs to customer - encompasses what you’re looking for here. If you agree, can you please give that thread a vote (which will help to push it up the priority list) :+1: Thank you.

(If you don’t think that thread covers what you’re looking for and I’ve misunderstood, please let me know.)

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