Best way to handle returned (damaged) website orders

Wondering if anyone would share their process for handling website orders that are returned damaged?
Say, to keep it simple, we sent 4 bottles to a customer and the parcel company dropped the box. They kindly repackage the remaining two bottles and send them back to us but the other two are smashed and gone.
The customer wants their original four bottles sending out for a second time - what is the best way to process this on Breww and keep the duty right?
1/ Return the whole order and then adjust stock (-2) to clear off the missing, broken bottles?
2/ Return only the stock that is actually returned in tact and then adjust stock to account for the missing stock (but then we surely still pay beer duty on it)?
3/ Something else.

Hey Lewis,

I would definitely recommend going with option 1. Our goal is to align Breww with real-world scenarios as closely as possible. If four bottles were sent out, two were damaged, and two were returned, it’s best to return all four bottles in Breww and mark the two damaged ones as lost or spoiled, which will trigger a duty reclaim. The remaining two can then be dispatched again, duty-paid (Breww will note that these have already been accounted for in terms of duty).

If I understand you correctly, option 2 would mean keeping the two damaged bottles as delivered, resulting in you paying the duty for the “delivered” stock, even though it’s actually spoiled. Additionally, any subsequent stock adjustments would disrupt your count, as you’ve already recorded the delivery of two and the return of two, so I wouldn’t recommend this option, as you would have to create a duty adjustment to account for the two damaged, which is more work for you.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any questions!

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Just been looking around on the forums about this.
I’ve been stocking out the items damaged in Breww and physically sending the replacements out. This in my heady works out for duty payable on one of the two containers sent, and the other accounted as lost (not fussed with which was which just that they’re tallied).
It’s a bit of a hassle to do all individual item in the order on each product page, is there a way to this, like with the return items, but reduce stock adjust option for dealing with unsalvageable returns that we intend to send replacements for?


Hmm, If I dispatch an item, It goes to duty. If I then send out a replacement, that goes to duty. If I adjust stock (down) that’s an Item I won’t be paying duty on later. But right now, I’m liable for more duty than I should be. Am I right?

So the end result is I pay the right amount of duty on the batch, just earlier than I need have (maybe).

Hi Tom, thanks for your comment! Currently, there isn’t an option to reduce the stock for unsalvagable returns directly on an order; however, it sounds like the Return Workflow Improvements. Option to create credit note, stock adjustment or ullage etc feature request would be what you would need here. If you could add your vote and comment on this, that would be great! Cheers.