Batch Schedule Tweaks

I would find it helpful to have the following things built into the batch schedule:

  • Ability to export to Outlook (i know this is in another thread) Edit by Breww team: This request is tracked at Exporting Breww Batch Schedule
  • Planned packaging tab to also show planned packaging at Contract brewers as well as home site
  • Ability to change the row sizes in the calendar. At the moment they are quite skinny to hard to get a quick snapshot
  • Add a custom date view along with 30, 60, month and year view
  • Somehow differentiate between Planned Brewing and Planned packaging. With them both starting with P, both being in the same colour of the beer etc it does make it a bit harder when trying to get a glimpse of the week. Maybe the square on the schedule that shows planned packaging could have a colour border on it? Or reversed out so if the beer colour is red white white letters then the packing square is white with red letters?

Thanks, Justin.

Could I clarify what you mean by:

By “rows”, do you mean the rows for each vessel/brewing system? And for the “row size” do you want to customise the height of the row? If so what would you expect to see with the extra height? If there are overlapping events the row will already expand to fit all events.

We’re grateful for your input, but I must say that typically threads that group lots of feature together like this don’t work so well, to be honest. We ideally need specific threads that can be voted for, implemented and marked as completed. Threads that can be part-completed get hard for us to track which parts are done and which are not, and are harder for other people to vote for (which part are they voting for).

Other than the Outlook export, these are all fairly related UI tweaks, however, so we’re happy to keep this as a single thread for now, but I wanted to explain this for future threads. We’ll consider votes for this thread as votes for the other UI changes, but not the Outlook part, and may need to split it up in the future if we do some of the suggestions before others.

Thank you!

For anyone looking for the export to Outlook, please make sure that any votes for this are on its own thread at Exporting Breww Batch Schedule, not here.