Back button on 'take signature' screen

Useful if you need to navigate out of this screen before taking a signtaure

To complete, or not to complete…that is the question…

A pretty basic requirement of any phone process, so wondering why it doesn’t exist here? Sometimes it helps to be able to go back and take another photo or adjust something. Please add a back button!

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Thanks for the suggestion.

It’s just an oversight that’s not been brought up before (surprisingly). We’ll look to get this button added, as we agree that it really should be there!

Hi Luke,

Still no wholesome back button :frowning:

Something we might get to see soon? Cheers

There’s no update to report on this yet. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

We will always post an update on the thread if there’s been any news, so keep an eye on the thread for updates. You can also make sure you’re subscribed to notifications by using the :bell: button on the right of the thread.

For more information on how feature requests work and for help on voting and subscribing to updates, please see this guide:


Good news, we pushed an app update last night that adds this button :tada:

Google has already approved this for the Play Store (Android), and we’re expecting Apple to approve it for the iOS App Store soon.

Look out for the latest app version (1.18.6) and you should see this button :+1:

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Cheers Luke!
Thanks for the update

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