Assigning delivery attributes/vehicle profiles to customers

It would be useful to extend Vehicle Profiles to customers, to ensure deliveries to customers always takes into account a desired attribute, such as ULEZ compliance, tail-lift required or other requirement.

It would also be useful to prevent a certain attribute from ever being used to route a delivery to this customer. For example, this customer might not be able to take deliveries from a lorry, only a van.

This feature would be great for distribution requirement that are specific to an individual customer.
You already have the delivery windows for outlets. If you could add the same tick options you get when setting up up delivery areas you could choose the exact vehicles that can deliver to that certain outlet. This could be due to clean air zone, vehicle heights, weights etc
Our challenge is that our 7.5t can’t access small narrow streets and outlets would need to be delivered on a smaller van, some our our vans aren’t complaint to clean air zones, some are!

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Thanks for this suggestion.

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve implemented this now :tada: We’ve even gone one step further and added the ability to set required attributes on a delivery area (in addition to a per-customer basis), which is really handy for ULEZ compliance, for example.

We hope this is useful, and thank you for helping us to make Breww even better :smile:

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