"And" / & in the search

The predictive search function is good at finding the right thing even if you misspell it slightly, but it doesn’t view “and” and “&” interchangeably, which is annoying. When you have several pubs called The Coach and Horses / Hare & Hounds / Rose and Crown etc it would be useful if Breww would reveal all of them: “and” as well as “&”. Otherwise, the one you were looking for doesn’t turn up so you have to search again with the other spelling. It only a minor annoyance but it should be a quick and easy fix.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We’ll keep this suggestion open as this should be something that we can implement, but in the meantime, you should be able to search without including either the “and” or the “&” - i.e. search for “coach horses” or “hare hound” and this will match regardless of which and/& was used in the customer name.

I hope this helps until we’ve been able to implement the change and thanks for putting this forward :+1: