Allow increase/decrease of stock items with a "reason"

We sometimes run out of an ingredient and need to borrow some from a friend at another brewery. When this happens it can get confusing in Breww, because there’s only an “add quantity” button in stock items and the only way to reduce (when we pay them back later on) is to manually edit the quantity.

It would be nice to have an “increase/decrease stock” button instead (like we have with products) where we can add an amount with a reason (e.g. “Borrowed from Dave”) and then reduce later with a reason (e.g. “Returned to Dave”).

This would also be really handy for spoilt stock (i.e. grain or hops that are thrown out because they’re too old). Reason: “discarded - past best-before date”)

The reasons would then show up in the log for an inventory item so we can see exactly what’s happened.


As we are a SALSA approved drinks manufacturer, we are required to do product recall within 4 hours of being informed, therefore knowing where missing stock has gone is a crucial aspect to being able to conduct this recall to this standard. Removing those items from stock, and giving reason why it’s removed will give us credibility when it comes to product recall. Eg. We received 50l of x, we used 40l, and we have nothing in stock and I can’t trace back to why the 10L is missing. I can see stock is adjusted but I don’t know the reason why. It’s better to create inventory recipe, with the extra column “reason for removing”. Having that option will be beneficial to track what kind of issues are most common and maybe avoiding them in the future. Also for accounting, by the end of the year because I wont remember why I adjusted the stock so many times, or anybody else. Furthermore it will be very useful to run reports by the end of each month or year to see what happened with the stock, what kind of damages/issues we had, how much it cost us, and by this - how we can improve to have less wastage.

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Thanks, Sylwia, this is a great suggestion and we appreciate the detailed explanation of why it’s important. I’ve merged your request with another very similar request. If you can give this thread a vote, that would be helpful to push this up the priority list too :+1:

Is there any updates on this? Can we remove ingredients stock and add reason for traceability?

There’s no update to report on this yet. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

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