Allow exporting ingredient recall report to CSV or Excel

I have recently noted that the ingredient recall report can only be done on single item basis.
Why not just have a report similar to the items sold ?
One single report with the following columns: inventory item / lot number / best before / quantity used / product / brew number (gyle).
Exporting a csv or excel file and filtering this report would give all the information needed.


I’d also appreciate the Recall reporting to be available as a downloadable CSV and also a PDF report to attach to emails, internal reports or to issue to staff to assist on a recall.


I’m doing a mock product recall and the batch distribution has the option to export the report to excell/CSV, that’s great, I’ve added that to my report folder, unfortunately the ingredients recall report doesn’t have the option to export the data. Can this be a changed to allow exporting of the Ingredient recall data as well as the batch distribution data?


Thanks for the suggestion, Lally. I’ve moved your post from our help guide to the feature request thread for the same idea. If you can give this a vote, that will help us to prioritise this.

For more information on how we handle feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙. Thank you

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Having the same issue. Seems logical to be able to export this as a file or at least be able to print the report.

Anyway, as a interim work around I have just highlighted all the text in the report, copied and pasted to word. Did a bit of layout manipulation and its now saved as a printable report.
Works the same in excel if you would prefer that way, but for me easier to read in word.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the suggestions, Nick, that’s really useful. You’re right, that copying & pasting into Excel should work until we got to this request :+1:

You should also just be able to print the report from your web browser. It won’t be as perfect as an export designed for printing, but all pages in Breww are designed to render reasably well when printing.