Allow defining a manual/specific sort-order for products shown on the Trade Store

Would it be possible to have control over the order products appear in the trade store? We’d like to organise by popularity rather than alphabetical. It would also be great to group cask beers into ‘Core’ and ‘Specials’.


Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah.

Have you tried tagging your beers as “Core” or “Specials” as you can make these tags show as categories on the trade store. If you go to ProductsTools & reportsTags, you should be able to create the tags you need (if they don’t exist) and enable them to show as categories on the trade store.

You cannot currently choose the sort-order of products, but this would be a great improvement. I’ve renamed your feature request to be clearly for this speciific feature as this should ensure it gets found by others looking for the same thing and can pick up more votes.

I’d also recommend that you vote for your own request as this will help to push it up the priority list. You can see here for more information on how we manage feature requests.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tagged the beers but because we have the same beers in smallpack and cask, it included bottles in with the cask which looked messy so I’ve taken them off again. I will vote for my very good suggestion😁!

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You could apply the tags to the products rather than the beers… this would mean that you could only tag the cask versions of the beers.

But I still like your feature request, so we can certainly keep this open :+1:

This would be massively useful for us. At the moment our fast moving lines are buried beneath slow moving ones. The data to sort by popularity exists as seen on the dashboard

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