Allow charging a transaction fee for credit card payments

We previously have used another software to take payments and it provided credit card processing for a fee as well as EFT or Electronic Funds Transfers for a much smaller fee. We will not offer credit card transactions due to the fees involved but EFT’s tend to run about .25% or some just charge a flat fee. Please offer this option. I really hope there aren’t any ties with Stripe to be exclusive because that would be a huge road block for us.

At the very least, offer a button to add on a 3% credit card transaction fee.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We’ve already got a thread for direct debit payments at Support for direct debit payments managed by Breww via Stripe which is worth a vote if you’re looking for this. We’ve no lock-in or exclusivity deal with Stripe, but we will be introducing this via Stripe initially as we’ve already done lots of work with them, making the dev work required to add this feature via Stripe much less than via another payment provider. We’re happy to also look at other providers if you’d like to suggest someone.

I’ve edited this thread to be specifically for adding a transaction fee for credit card payments, as we need threads to have one specific feature in them in order for them to pick up on votes. Cheers.