Allow adding ad-hoc stock items to a delivery that are not part of the original order

Would it be possible to add an additional option to allow the dray to add stock items used i.e. pumpclips x2 etc etc to manage POS inventory stock?

Thanks Claire. This would normally be handled via the sales team adding the POS item to the order (see How do I sell a stock item in Breww (e.g. glassware or t-shirts)?) and then the stock will be tracked for you.

Are you looking for a way for a dray to keep a supply of common items in the vehicle and drop them off with a delivery without them having been added to the order originally? If so, I’m sure this is something we could look at but it would need it’s own feature request as would be a much bigger task than something that could “just be added” at the same time, if that makes sense :+1:

I can split this into another thread if that’s what you’re looking for and the method of adding them to the order won’t work as well for you?

Yeah maybe a separate thing then as it would be dray led.
Our drays often mention that a customer has ask for a new/different clip to replace lost/nicked/damaged ones that weren’t specified on the order as it’s not a new beer to them, or some venues ask for other common items we keep on the van.
Some venues like a font lens some times and other times they just put the beer on the board so don’t need it etc. I think if we relied on stock mngmt for this at the point of order it wouldn’t reflect reality. To date we just have to eyeball when we’re getting low but as we grow it’s getting harder to manage manually.

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Thanks, Claire, that makes sense. I’ve split this into its own feature request thread now. Would you be able to give this a vote? :+1: