How do I sell a stock item in Breww (e.g. glassware or t-shirts)?

Start by creating your stock item. In this example, we’ll use a branded pint glass. Head to Inventory and click the green ’ + New stock item button’. Then enter the details of your stock item.

In order to sell a stock item in Breww, you’ll need to create a product with the stock item assigned as a ‘Component stock item’. The quickest way to do this is to head to the stock item in question (Inventory > Branded pint glass), click the ‘Products’ tab, then click the green ‘New product’ button. Enter the details of your product.

You can then assign this product to an order as normal. Breww will automatically reduce the stock of that stock item, when orders are delivered.
To increase the quantity in stock, you’ll need to add quantity via the stock item’s page, or via an inventory receipt. You cannot add quantity via the product’s page.

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