Additional Information Fields for Purchase Orders

Would it be possible to add a notes field, either item by item, or, aggregated into a single block on the Purchase Order pdf? This would allow us to keep product notes and requests tied to the PO document rather than risk being lost in the email chain.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure we can add some form of note section to purchase orders.
I’ll add your request to the list and update you here when we’ve made progress.


Did anything come of this suggestion?
It would be great to be able to place notes next to an item in PO’s, for example, label names? We have one stock item for labels but are ordering different designs every week. It would be a quick and easy way to reference PO’s rather than having to pull up the uploads.

Not yet, I’m afraid, Sophie. We’re working on features all the time, but at the moment requests are coming in faster than we can complete them, so the list of outstanding requests is growing. We’re expanding our team too so that we can get through them faster than ever before.

The more votes a request has, the higher up the list it will move (although there are other factors involved too), so if anyone else would find this useful, please do give this a vote!

Just sparking this up again.
The ability to add notes into a PO would be really Handy.
For example when ordering Special 440ml labels i may order 10,000 but this could be split between 4 designs. The notes section would be an ideal place to break down the order.

Otherwise i have to create a new inventory item for every new 1 off label design.

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