Adding pre-Breww stock and returned stock produced before Breww

This article describes how to ensure any stock that was created before using Breww is entered correctly into Breww, as well as any returned stock if you originally sold the stock before Breww, and ensuring the duty it correct. We have an alternative guide for stock that was sold via Breww at How to return delivered items back to stock.

If you are just starting out with Breww and are currently holding duty-paid stock, or have resaleable products returned that were sold before switching to Breww, you won’t have a record of this stock/sale in Breww. In this case, you’ll need to follow a few steps to get it ready to sell.

Step 1: Adding the stock as available

Option A: If the beer batch doesn’t exist within Breww

If you are entering your packaged beer into Breww for the first time, it will be unlikely that you have entered these batches into Breww, and therefore you will need to use the Initial packaged beer stock importer to get this batch of stock into Breww. If, however, you have already created these batches in Breww, then you will need to follow option B. You will also need to follow option A if a product is returned from before using Breww, where the batch doesn’t exist in Breww, as all packaged beer stock needs to be linked to a batch of beer, and there will not be a delivery to return this from.

If the beer batch does not yet exist in Breww, you will need to use our initial packaged beer stock importer to add the stock and create the batch. The importer can be accessed via SettingsData imports & updatesInitial packaged beer stock.

This importer allows you to specify the product, the quantity and which batch number the stock is from. If the stock is in a tracked cask/keg, you can also specify its code. Products in non-returnable containers can be imported here by leaving the container code section blank.

Option B: If the batch already exists

If the beer batch already exists in Breww, you will instead need to create a stock adjustment to add the product into stock.

To add the product into stock by a stock adjustment, use the following steps:

  • Navigate to Products
  • Select the product you are receiving back into stock.
  • Select Actions at the top right and select Stock adjustment
  • Select increase stock.
  • Enter the batch to allocate the stock to, either the tracked container it is in or the number of non-returnable containers, the expiry, and record a reason for the stock adjustment.

Step 2: Ensure Breww knows beer duty has already been paid, if you are adding duty paid stock into Breww.

Stock newly added to Breww is considered in suspense, however, in the two stated scenarios, you will have already paid duty on it, so here’s how to correct the duty:

  1. You will need to move the duty-paid “Initial packaged beer stock” or the “returned stock” to a non-bonded location. This will make the item leave suspense and become duty paid, as well as adding the duty to your duty return. If you haven’t got a non-bonded location set up, you can do this in SettingsSites & locations. Then follow these steps:

    • Head to the item’s product page.
    • Go to the Locations tab.
    • Click the “Edit location” button.
    • Select the container or quantity of products you want to move.
    • Select the non-bonded location from the “Location to move to” field.
    • Click Move products to location.
  2. Add a duty adjustment to your current duty return to account for the duty-paid initial packaged beer stock or returned stock. Use the following steps:

    • Navigate to the Beer duty section of Breww.
    • Select the current duty return.
    • Click Adjustment.
    • Enter the duty amount that you need to adjust. This should be a negative number to reduce the value of your return.
    • Select a reason, such as “Duty adjustment for stock duty-paid from before using Breww” or “Duty adjustment for stock returned from order X (pre Breww).”
    • Click Add adjustment.

You can now move the stock back to the location that you’d like it stored in. If it is sent out on a new order, Breww will already know it is duty paid and will not add it to your return again. If, for any reason, the stock is lost or spoiled, Breww will reclaim the duty for you.

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Hi all, I wanted to check something on this. We have set up a Non-bonded warehouse where we have loaded all of our duty paid stock rather than doing the adjustment as per the above. Can I confirm that if we sell from the Non-Bonded warehouse, the system will know not to include that stock in our duty return?

Many thanks,

Hi Alice, thanks for your message. All stock in Breww is initially treated as being held as duty in suspense, whether it has been racked or imported. This is regardless of your duty settings for your sites. Breww registers that a duty line has been crossed by the movement of stock; therefore, if an initial packaged beer stock import has gone directly into a non-bonded site, the stock will still need to cross a duty line for Breww to know it is duty-paid. You would need to move the stock out of your non-bonded site and back in again and then follow the duty return adjustment steps above to remove the duty from the duty return. This will ensure the system knows that the duty line has been crossed and, therefore, duty will not be charged again for these products.