Adding files/photos to sales and deliveries


I would like to take a photo and add it to a delivery at the point it leaves the brewery as proof of its condition and product count.

is it possible to add a photo or upload a photo as a file on the mobile app to an order when its been packed?


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Thanks for the suggestion, Harry. This should already be possible using the “POD Photo” button on our mobile app - have you seen this option? It does require our advanced deliveries addon, however, to have access to this feature.

If you’ve seen this and it’s not what you’re looking for, please let me know why. Cheers!

Thanks Luke,

Its not what I’m looking for unfortunately. We don’t need all the features of a the advanced delivery addon. We dont have any delivery vehicles.
We just want to take a photo and attach it to an order before it leaves the brewery.

There was an option to do this and add files to an order but this seems to have been recently removed. Is that correct?


Thanks, Harry.

This seems like two separate (although similar) requests to me:

  1. The ability to upload files to orders/invoices - this has already got it’s own feature request, so can you please vote for Upload files to sales orders/invoice as attachments (such as the related purchase order) instead?
  2. The ability to upload files to deliveries without paying for Advanced Deliveries - I’m sorry, but this isn’t something we’re planning to do; this feature is part of the Advanced Deliveries addon. If you don’t want to pay for Advanced Deliveries, that’s your choice, but at this time, we don’t intend to expose this feature without the addon.

Coincidentally, the first of those (upload files against orders/invoices) is planned to be done soon. I hope that can cover what you need, but if you’d like to easily take photos on the app from within the deliveries section, you’ll need the Advanced Deliveries addon. Cheers.

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