Add PO number to email subject when invoicing

A lot of our customers require invoicing emails to state the relevant PO # in the subject of the email. Is this something that can be automatically included in emails through BREWW? (similar to something like: {{ po_number }} )?


Hi Nick, thanks for your comment! Currently, the PO number is not included in the subject of an invoice email; however, I can definitely see why this would be a useful addition to Breww. I have converted your post to a feature request so that this lands with the right team and so that other users can vote on this! Cheers!

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Great news @nick-colaccino, we’ve been able to easily add this variable now for use in the invoice email subject and/or message :tada:

We’ve used your suggestion of {{ po_number }}, which you should now see documented in the Email Settings area of Breww. We hope this is useful!

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Legend! Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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