Add 'Images & Files' section to inventory items

Hi all,

Having the ability to store supplier specifications, MSDS or SOPs alongside associated inventory items would be a beneficial resource for staff and would help with training and independent working. It could be as a stored image/pdf or support a link (like the C&M instructions field - which is really useful).

There may already be away to do this that I haven’t discovered yet of course!


Hi Greg,

Welcome to the community, and thanks for the suggestion - this is a great idea!

Our “Images & Files” component was built to be reusable and easily added into other places within Breww. We’ll look to get this added to the inventory items section shortly.

I’ll let you know here, when this is ready to use :+1:



Great stuff - thanks Luke!

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In record time, we’ve managed to add this to Inventory/Stock items already!

You should see it in your Breww account immediately. Enjoy :beers:

Excellent - appreciated :+1: