Add grouping of Cleaning and Maintenance actions into "Stages" and allow adding them on initial creation of a process

Request for ‘Recipe’ building functionality (stages + actions) to be extended to the ‘Cleaning & Maintenance’ section of the platform.

We’re trying to use Breww as the only record keeping tool for all our requirements in the brewery. The recipe tied to stock control is a great tool, specially for traceability, but we need a bit more than this.

When it comes to the ‘Cleaning & Maintenance’ records, we’d like to see the same building mechanics as found in the recipe section.

Just having the SOP uploaded and a tick box stating all of it was done is not enough for us. We want to track CIP temperature, time, pH matching, ATP test results (and on different parts of the vessel, canning machine, etc). But above all, we want our operators to sign who did what – not as a tool to catch people out, but as a tool to identify gaps in our training and provide support to the operators who are not following SOPs for whatever reason.

In an ideal case scenario, a recipe for the CIP of an FV would look like this:

  • Date & Time stamp (as per usual);
  • FV number;
  • Latest Gyle Number that was in this FV;
  • setup hoses to loop adding racking arm mini-loop;
  • add XX L of hot water; add XX L of Causdeta;
  • take reading time main loop CIP start;
  • take reading temperature CIP start;
  • take reading time mini-loop start;
  • take reading temperature CIP over;
  • take reading time cycle over;
  • take reading pH source rinse water;
  • take reading pH FV rinse;
  • take reading ATP.
  • correcting action in case ATP test failure.

And when an operator is doing that, I should be able to track who is ticking which box. I’d add my ATP swabs and dippers as a tracked stock item too, and maybe add the tests as a reporting tag to keep track of trends and so forth.

One detail – ideally, to be able to take traceability to another level, at the beginning I’ve added a field showing which one was the last batch/gyle going through that piece of equipment, we’d be able to spot if an issue with one batch might have affected another just by using that piece of kit back-to-back. I mean, in a way we can already do that with FVs – we just want to be able to do that with all our gear.

The above is just a simple example. When our operators are setting up our canning machine, the SOP is quite complex, which would be separated into stages and actions, rather than just actions. For our compliance purposes, we need a lot of these actions to be signed off by the operators, just as we do when we create a new batch from a recipe on the production side of the platform, and the brewers are ticking the actions/stages off by being signed in to the platform.

This extending of a functionality that is already available on the platform could then be used for maintenance too. A lot of our desktop and inline instrumentation needs regular verification with records that these are actually happening. The ability to build ‘recipes’ for these would be great too.

Thanks for putting this forward and in so much detail, this is a very helpful example.

I can see here how this would be useful and take the existing features to another level, with stages to group the actions.

I just wanted to check that you have seen the “Stock items required” and “Readings & measurements required” sections of a cleaning process as I think these cover a lot of what you’re asking for (but not quite everything), but from what you’ve said, I’m wondering if you hadn’t see these sections? I’ve mentioned these recently in a post here with some screenshots.

We’ve also got our original announcement post on this feature with a video walkthrough which demonstrates these features in more detail at Cleaning & maintenance records are here 🧹

I certainly think that splitting the “Stock items required” and “Readings & measurements required” sections into “stages” a bit like we have with recipes would be great :+1:

Luke, your reply was very informative. And the answer is no, I hadn’t seen the ‘Stock Items Required’ and ‘Readings…’ - and the reason I hadn’t seen it is that it is not on the same layer as the creation of the process; it’s hidden behind it! So now I know that I have to create the process first and only then do I have access to edit its details… (why?)

May I kindly suggest that these are on the same layer, i.e. when you create the process? Upon initial investigation it just looked totally unfit for purpose… And I’m not quite sure the user should be required to go hunting for the features - make them obvious, clear and easily accessible. If there’s no way to add these to the first layer, then I’d least put a little message warning/advising the user that they can add the actual relevant features at the next one.

It looks good though, we’ll have a little play around with it and see how it goes.

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Thanks Paulo, that’s great feedback and to be honest, when you put it like this, it feels quite silly that we’ve hidden away such valuable features :man_facepalming: Thanks for pointing this out!

We’ll quickly get a message added to let people know that after creating the initial process, they can add “Stock items required” and “Readings & measurements required”.

The reason it’s set out as it is, is purely a technical one. It’s far easier for us to attach “child actions” (like stock items and readings) to the main cleaning process once the main process exists in our database to be referred to behind the scenes, but we will look to take this feedback onboard and change how this works in the future as it would make for a much better user experience :+1:

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