Accountancy Provider - Invoice Numbers

Hi there - just linked Breww to Xero for the first time. Is there a way to get Breww to pick the next invoice number from Xero so that we don’t have to restart our invoice numbers from 1 (and risk having duplicates)? I’ve found the invoice and credit note prefix input fields, but can’t see a way to make Breww sync invoice numbers FROM Xero.

Hi Bethany,

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So there’s no way to sync invoices back into Breww from Xero, but you can edit the number on a draft order in Breww to match your latest Invoice # number in Xero by clicking the button on an order I’ve highlighted in red below:

If you have already invoiced some orders in Breww, the best way to upload them is usually to utilize the “Prefix” input fields that you’ve mentioned. You could temporarily change them to allow the invoices to be uploaded into Xero without being duplicates, and then change the prefixes back afterwards so that you have the enforcement / safety net of Xero rejecting duplicates going forward.

I hope that makes sense / helps, but please say if not!


Hi Max - thanks, this is really helpful - I’d missed the edit order number button because I’m invoicing but someone else is confirming orders.

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